Our Price Match Promise

We work hard to match prices with competitors to try to keep our clients happy. Our team provides the best customer service and the best products in the market to suit your needs. We aim to providing a product that is strong, sturdy and long lasting.


Price Match Motivation

The renovation industry can be hard to navigate. Homeowners like you may feel intimidated or unsure about proceeding with a renovation, which is easy to understand. Renovations are a big investment and undertaking, and the end results can profoundly impact a home’s livability. It doesn’t help when independent contractors, working out of their trucks, tarnish the industry’s reputation with unreliable and unethical business practices.

By offering our price match promise, we aim to help homeowners like you take the guesswork out of starting your project. We’ve built up a name for ourselves based on trustworthiness, excellent references, and high quality work that speaks for itself.

When you choose us, you can benefit from competitive deals while enjoying peace of mind about the quality of your renovation. Plus we’ll give you our Free Expert Advice.

Our Promise

Our Price Match Promise is a promise that we will try to match, or beat, any legitimate quote for a renovation service that you have seen cheaper elsewhere. We always try to keep our prices as low as possible, but it’s inevitable that someone will try to offer one better. As a result we will aim to match any other prices, if not better them. We cannot, and do not, guarantee we can beat all quotes, but we will do our very best to try!

Price Match

How our Price Match Promise Works

Our Price Match Promise is not a promise of a lower price no matter what. Rather, it is a promise to offer the lowest price possible for the same quality, materials, and services specified in your requested renovation.

To honour our Price Match Promise, we will need a full outline of your project details and an itemized quote from the 3 competitors. Our professionals will then objectively assess the requirements of your renovation, what is offered by these competitors, and what we can offer. We’ll show you how their services compare to ours, pointing out any missing services or corners cut by any of them.

Some competitors don’t have the qualification level of Bloom Bug Screens, materials of matching quality, or workmanship processes that meet our professional standards. In this event, we’ll quote you our lowest possible price for a renovation that meets all of your specifications. In the event that a competitor does meet the same standards of Bloom Bug Screens and is able to offer a renovation of identical quality, we will happily provide you with a price match.

The Bloom Bug Screens best price guarantee applies only to quotes from professional, accredited competitors. They must be members of the the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) and recognized RenoMark™ Renovators. This gives you the security of knowing that we are comparing our prices to competitors who are in the same league.

When you send us these 3 competitors price, we compare the price and scope of work specifications with what we offer. We take into account the service, the products/materials, the competitor, and how long you have been a customer when determining a price. You will receive one of the following emails or call within 24 to 48 hours of submission:

1. Price Matched

Your order has been Price Matched!

2. Best Price

After review, we were not able to Price Match this service, however we have submitted the BEST price we can offer.

3. Unable to Match

After review, we were unable to match the price. Explanation will be provided.

Price Matching Terms and Conditions

In order to provide best price match promise, we will require 3 official quotes from licensed contractors for service required. When you send us these 3 competitors price, we compare the price and scope of work specifications with what we offer. We take into account the service, the products/materials, the competitor, and how long you have been a customer when determining a price. You will receive one of the following emails or call within 24 to 48 hours of submission:

To price-match, we must be satisfied that the products and services in question are identical.

Price match must be inclusive of full scope of work, materials type, materials cost and labor costs, if applicable.

We’ll need to know the competitor names, for verification purposes.

We do not price-match with special offers, promotions, discount vouchers and/or product-bundle pricing.

Prices will be compared exclusive of local taxes (GST, PST and other).

Prices will be compared exclusive of delivery / transport charges.

We reserve the right to decline any renovation job that doesn’t fit within our business model.

We’ll price match as long as accurate proof is provided (proposal, quote, proforma invoice, etc.).

Price matching is only considered for companies based within British Columbia (BC). We do not price-match contractors that are based, operate or source the required product and services from outside of the BC.

Price matching is not available on previously placed orders.

All the information requested must be provided in order for a decision to be made. We make no guarantee that any price will be matched or beaten. Final decisions on Price Match Promise are at the sole discretion of Bloom Bug Screens. Our price-match promise may be subject to change without notice at any time.


See what our Happy Clients have to say about us.

Bloom Bug Screens did a great job having and installing a window screen for a condo unit. They not only fulfilled with strata requirements, but also offered a fast service, very professional, excellent quality and great customer service. I can finally breathe fresh air without being bother by bugs. I highly recommend Bloom Bug Screens.
user imageAlberto Castanon
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Farzana and her team were very accommodating and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone. Measured everything did a phenomenal job.
user imageRichard Enns
google logo
I highly recommend Bloom Bug Screens for window coverings. We ordered Zebra Blinds and Roller Shades for our windows and are very happy with the quality and service of installation. I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Ordering and Install of blinds was a breeze and look at the difference it made in our home.
user imageFarah Somani
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Farsana came with her profesional aproach, quoted on time, delivered even before the due date. Excellent service, charm approach. We will use their service again for sure. Highly recommended. It has been a year and the door and window screens look brand new. Farzana has been checking on us and we appreciate her service and professionalism..
user imagecesar castillo
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Very friendly service - Farzana was professional, and knowledgeable with my windows screens. I recommend.
user imageEman Habtom
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Local small business in Surrey that has experience dealing with strata properties. The owner is knowledgeable and I appreciate the open communication. I reached out for a quote for a insect screen door and two screen windows for a condo unit and the job was completed within two weeks.
user imageLeslie So
google logo
Impeccable. From quotes, to installation and post installation follow up. Professional service second to none. I highly recommend Bloom Bug for any blinds, screen door installation. The product is amazing. My house looks 10 times better with the colour consult and the install.
user imageHarm Bhamra
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Hi , Bloombug did a really good job. They are very punctual and professional. I can recommend them. The screens at the windows and the door were installed in a fast time. Talk to Farzana when you call for an estimate.
user imageMaritza Liebowitz Tapia
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Impressed with Bloombug Renovations – they offer amazing products and professional service! I find Farzana extremely knowledgeable and is experienced in dealing with strata properties. Highly recommended for blinds and window screens.
user imageJohn Chen
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These guys did an amazing job installing bug screens in my condo unit. The price was very reasonable and the quality is topnotch. Highly recommend them.
user imageRAF JAD
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Got my shower door installed. Love it! Quick, on-time and quality service. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!
user imageFei Wang
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Keep all the bug out , good quality screen door highly recommend !!
user imageTz Chou
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Are bugs bugging you? Let us keep the bugs out of your home, or work spaces with our fly/insect screens. Bloom Bug Screens, is a WBE Certified business with branches in Surrey and Coquitlam. We're specializing in bug/fly screens for your indoor and outdoor needs be it a residence or business space.


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